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For many labelling applications for round products including bottles, jars, tubes and pots the throughput does not justify the investment in a fully automatic wrap-around labeller. The CP-21 offers a cost-effective solution for accurately and professionally labelling round products to the same standard as a fully automatic system for a fraction of the cost.

  • Collamat CP-21 system
  • Collamat CP-21 system
  • Round products up to 120mm diameter

Semi-automatic labelling of round products

The CP-21 system is based on a Collamat Standard Series label applicator with a wrap-around unit to accurately and professionally apply labels around cylindrical products including bottles, jars, pots, tubes and vials. Products are manually loaded and labelling started using a footswitch keeping hands free for loading and unloading. The applicator uses an electromagnetically operated flap applicator for partial or full wrap-around labelling.

Flexible design

A choice of 95 or 160mm wide models is available to suit a wide range of products. The system is easily adjusted to suit different product diameters from 10 to 120mm with wrap speed automatically synchronised to the labeller dispense speed.


As the CP-21 is based on a Collamat Standard Series label applicator, should production volumes increase, the applicator can be used as with a conveyor and wrap module to make a fully automatic inline system

Max. label width:
95 and 160mm models
Max. dispense speed:
Up to 233mm/sec
Product diameter:
10 to 120mm
+/- 1mm
Label roll size:
250 or 350mm
Label sensor:
Optical gap sensor (standard), clear label sensor (optional)
Electrical supply:
110-240Vac @ 50-60Hz
+5 to +40 degrees C at 15 to 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Print engine/coder, transparent label sensor, electronic controller w/ memory


  • Collamat CP-21 system
  • CP-21 with electronic controller
  • Electromagnetic flap applicator
  • Collamat CP-21 system
  • 10 to 120mm product diameter

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