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Collamat Standard and ECO Series label applicators have earned an enviable reputation for reliability and performance. Their modular design allows systems to be specified to suit most label application requirements with a choice of unwinders, traction units, application modules and, where required printers and coders.

  • Standand and ECO Series
  • Standand and ECO Series
  • Standand and ECO Series

Modular Design

Collamat Standard Series label applicators feature modular design allowing systems to be specified to suit virtually any product labelling requirement. Systems are configured from a choice of unwinders, traction units and applicator modules. ECO low-cost models are designed to meet the needs of the most common applications and share the same design and build quality as the Standard Series but restricted to labels up to 95mm wide and with a standard wipe applicator module.

Model Max. Label Width Max. Speed Accuracy
2610 ECO 95mm 15m/min +/- 1mm
4310 ECO 95mm 25m/min +/- 0.7mm
7310 ECO 95mm 50m/min +/- 0.7mm
4300 Standard Series 95 or 160mm 25m/min +/- 1mm
7300 Standard Series 95 or 160mm 50m/min +/- 1mm


Applicator modules

Standard Series applicators can be specified with a choice of applicator modules including:

  Wipe applicator with spring-loaded pressure roller or brush for regular shaped products
  Automatic flap applictor for labelling into recessed lids etc...
  Spring-loaded beak applicator for variable product sizes and shapes
  Tamp applicator for high-precision labelling and long-reach applications
>   Blow applicator for delicate products
>   Custom modules for specialist applications


Max. label width:
95 and 160mm models
Max. dispense speed:
15, 25 and 50m/min models
+/- 0.7mm and +/- 1mm models
Applicator modules:
Label roll size:
250 or 350mm
Applicator modules:
Wipe, spring-loaded flap, automatic flap, tamp, blow, custom modules
Shaft encoder, remote control panel, extended disense edge, various printers
Electrical supply:
110-240Vac @ 50-60Hz, 198VA


  • Collamat 4310 ECO
  • Collamat 4310 ECO
  • Collamat 4310 ECO
  • Collamat 4310 ECO
  • Traction unit detail
  • 95 and 160mm wide models
  • Traction unit detail
  • Applicator detail
  • Blow applicator
  • Custom flap applicator
  • Pipe labeller with tamp smoothing
  • Remote control panel
  • Tamp applicator
  • Tamp applicator
  • Tamp applicator
  • Adjustable floor stand

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