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The EBS-6800 is a flexible continuous ink jet system designed to meet the demands of medium and high volume producers. A choice of 16, 25 and 32-dot models is available with a wide range of inks including specialist inks such as sterilisation-resistant, thermochromatic (colour change with temperature), UV and inks for products subject to condensation and grease.

  • High performance CIJ printer
  • Clear, permanent marks
  • Quick-change fluid cartridges

Versatlie, high performance design

The EBS-6800 has been designed for use in medium and high-performance environments. 16-dot, 25-dot and 32-dot models are available for printing 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of text onto porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition to the standard 60 micron nozzle, a 50 micron 'micro' nozzle is also available for printing text down to 0.9mm high and ultra high-speed printing.

Wide range of inks

A choice of standard and specialist inks is available including inks for products subject to condensation or grease, sterilisation processes and UV fluorescing inks for security marking.

Low cost of ownership

Service wear parts are contained in the EBS-6800's iModule core which can be quickly changed without the need for a service visit. Initially a 6000 operating hour iModule is supplied with the printer but replacement modules can be chosen from 4000, 6000 or 8000 hour cores.

Consistently High Print Quality

EBS' MatrixPLUS system ensures consistently high print quality even at high printing speeds. The improved flushing programme also ensures problem-free start up even after lengthy downtimes.

Print Matrix:
16-dot, 25-dot and 32-dot models
Lines of print:
2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on model
Nozzle size:
60 micron standard, 50 micron 'micro' nozzle optional
Character sizes:
1.5 to 12mm with standard nozzle, 0.9 to 9mm with 50 micron nozzle
Barcodes & 2D codes:
All common 1D codes included as standard; 2D Datamatrix ECC-200 optional
16, 25 or 32 dots high - built-in graphics editor included as standard
Print speed:
Up to 441m/min (5 x 5 dot matrix) or 315m/min (7 x 4 dot matrix)
Print direction:
Any direction (omni-directional printhead)
Print distance:
Up to 30mm
Umbilical cable:
3m, ultra-flexible, smooth surface, optional 4m and 6m cables
Operator interface:
5.7" touchscreen & membrane keyboard
Solvent consumption:
Typically 200hours per litre
Ink consumption:
70 million 7x5 dot chrs/litre with standard nozzle, 140 million with 50 micron nozzle
Fluid containers:
900ml quick-change cartridge - no need to stop printing
iModule core:
Supplied with 6000 hour core, 4000, 6000 or 8000 hour replacements available
Controller dimensions:
300 x 211 x 458mm (W x D x H)
Electrical supply:
87 - 240Vac @ 40-440Hz; max. 29W
+5 to +40 degrees C @ up to 90% humidity (non condensing)


  • EBS-6800
  • Quick change cartridges
  • iModule Core
  • Industrial build
  • Compact Design
  • Permanent print on glass
  • Wide range of substrates
  • Repeat print on cable
  • Prints into recesses
  • Small print on plastics
  • Sample print on plastics

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