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The United Nations Globally Harmonised System for labelling of chemical products is replacing current EU and US chemical labelling standards. In the EU the GHS system is being implemented by the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures Regulation (CLP Regulation). By 1st June 2015, all substances and mixtures must be labelled according to CLP regulations.

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GHS Label Contents


Any substance or mixture classified as hazardous must bear a label with the following information:

1. Product Identifier
2. Signal word
3. Hazard pictograms
4. Hazard statements
5. Precautionary statements
6. Name, address and telephone number of the supplier

In some cases additional infomration may be required such as the quantity in the package and further supplemental information such as packaging details, lot numbers, barcodes etc... can also be included.

The label should be written in the offical language or languages of the Member State(s) where the substance or mixture will be placed on the market. Single or multi-language labels can be used.


Label Management and Printing

These specific requirements pose problems in both label design and print management. The NiceLabel software family offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution for designing compliant labels as well as managing chemical data and controling printing. NiceLabel Designer Pro includes features specially designed to overcome these challenges.


Designing labels around awkward, diamond-shaped pictograms can be difficult so Designer Pro includes a facility to shape text boxes with triangular or square cut-outs automatically preventing text from overlapping pictograms.

In many cases more than one language needs to be printed on the same label. UNICODE support allows all common languages to be printed with full character sets on the same label.
Readability is particularly important for GHS labels and Designer Pro includes an auto-fit function which automatically selects the best font size to fit the required information into a text box whilst observing maximum and minimum constraints set by the label designer.
Multiple database integration allows data to be extracted from several sources and user access control ensures only users with the correct access rights can edit label templates.
Click to see video showing text-wrap function   A library of pictograms is included with transparent backgrounds allowing pictograms to be placed close together without overlapping.


Martek GHS Print Management System

Creating label templates and managing printing to ensure error-free labels can seem daunting in part due to the complexity of GHS labels and because of the consequences of mis-labelling a product. Martek offers a NiceLabel-based solution that allows users to quickly and securely create a database of chemical details that automatically ties in to the correct product identifiers, signal words, hazard and precautionary statements, and pictograms.

The user simply selects the label template they need, chemical (from a list or by entering the name or CAS number), languages and the printer they wish to use... the software does the rest. Additional information such as lot number and expiry date can also be entered or scanned in. A full preview is provided to ensure everything is correct before printing.

A chemical management screen lets authorised operators enter details for new chemicals and edit or delete existing chemicals from the database.


The label printing screen provides a simple form for the operator to build and preview the label without being able to change the layout or chemical information.

The chemical required can be selected from the database list or by starting to type the chemical name or CAS number. Variable information such as the expiry date, lot number and fill weight can be entered or scanned in as required.

The label preview updates in real time as the information is entered providing a visual check before printing. When the operator has selected the printer they wish to use and entered the quantity of labels, printing will start.

New label templates can easily be created and added to the label library... the form automatically allows selection of any label template in the library.

Managing chemical data is very simple using the GHS Data Management screen. Authorised operators can add new chemicals to the database, edit existing chemical data or delete chemicals.

When creating a new chemical record, the operator enters the chemical name, CAS number, UN number, hazard statement codes, precautionary statement codes and ticks the pictograms that apply.
Hazard and precautionary codes are entered simply as code numbers... the database automatically cross-references the codes to the printed statements as labels are printed.

Behind the scenes, data is held in an Access database that can be edited outside of NiceLabel by operators with knowledge of Microsoft Access.


Click to download a demo copy of the Martek GHS Print Management System


Valentin DuoPrint 2 Colour thermal Transfer Label Printer

The Valentin DuoPrint 107 and 160 thermal transfer label printers have been specifically desinged for printing GHS labels and include two thermal transfer printheads for printing simultaneously in two colours.

To minimise ribbon costs, one of the printheads has ribbon saving which would normally be used for the red ribbon.
Thermal transfer technology ensures that durable, chemical resistant labels can be used and printed with equally durable resin ribbons including materials tested to BS5609 standard.
The DuoPrint 107 has 107mm maximum print width and the DuoPrint 160 will print up to 160mm wide. Both models are 305dpi resolution and can be used with fan-fold or roll labels.
Print speeds up to 150mm/sec for the DuoPrint 107 and 120mm/sec for the DuoPrint 160 can be achieved depending on the labels and ribbons used.
The DuoPrint is part of the Valentin range of industrial label printers manufactured to the highest standards in Germany and comes with a two-year warranty.
Click to find out more about the DuoPrint series.
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