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The Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 comes into effect from 13 December 2014, This mandatory regulation requires food labelling to highlight allergens relative to the surrounding information for example in ingredients lists. For many label design software packages, there is no easy way to highlight individual words within a paragraph. NiceLabel offers two simple and convenient solutions.

  • (EU) 1169/2011 compliant label
  • NiceLabel Pro - RTF editor
  • NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

NiceLabel 2017 Pro

NiceLabel 2017 Pro includes a Rich Text Editor allowing individual characters or words to be formatted within a paragraph field. This easily allows allergens to be made bold, underlined, made itallic, different font, size or colour relative to the other text in the paragraph.

NiceLabel 2017 PowerForm Desktop

For applications where large quantities of different labels need to be printed, NiceLabel PowerForm Desktop offers the facility to maintain a database of allergens which are cross checked against ingredient fields at the time of printing. Words in label ingredients fields matching words in the allergen database are automatically highlighted as required (bold, undelined and/or made itallic). Any new allergens are made just once in the allergen database. All common database formats are supported including Excel and Access.

The solution uses PowerForm to create an operator-friendly interface requiring the operator to simply select the required label, enter any variable data e.g. batch code and the quantity of labels to print. Expiry dates can be automatically calculated with different offseats for each label or manually entered. A full label preview can be displayed for verification before printing.

  • PowerForms operator interface
  • Allergens database
  • Product database



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