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The Arex Series includes 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W pulsed fiber lase coders for marking most metals and plastics. Stationary or moving products can be marked as well as rotating products using Z-axis rotation control to ensure marking is at optimum focal distance. The compact marking head, measuring just 300 x 112 x 90mm can be easily integrated into most machines and production lines.

  • Arex marking head
  • Marking head and control rack
  • Engraved metal

Pulsed fiber laser coder series

The Arex series includes 10, 20, 30 and 50W pulsed fibre laser coders all featuring ultra-compact marking heads. Most plastics and metals can be marked whilst stationary or moving. The marking head measures only 300 x 112 x 90mm allowing easy integration into most production lines.


All models have a choice of marking lenses to suit different applications. The 160S lens has a 100 x 100mm marking area with a fine spot size for very detailed coding and high-speed applications. The 254S lens has a 140 x 140mm marking area with a medium size spot diameter for large area printing.

Marking method

All Datalogic laser coders use steered beam technology to script the mark by steering the laser beam with two perpendicular mirrors and focus the beam onto the product with a focal lens. Static or moving products can be marked as well as rotating products using Z-axis control to ensure marking takes place at optimum focus.

Marking area indicator

A visible laser indicator is included to pinpoit the marking area and aid focussing making setup very easy.


Lighter Suite software provides a powerful yet easy to use editor for creating marking images. Text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be included in marking messages. Graphics can be included as vector (outline) or raster (bitmap) depending on the required result.

Nominal power:
10W, 20W, 30W and 50W models
1060 - 1080nm
Laser source:
Pulsed fiber laser
Marking methods:
Static or moving products. Z-axis control for rotary movement control
Focal lenses:
160S (100 x 100mm marking area), 254S (140 x 140mm marking area)
Marking indicator:
Visible red laser with focus control and marking area indicator
Digital I/O:
10 inputs and 10 outputs - programmable
Accessory inputs:
Shaft encoder and product sensor / trigger signal
Marking head dimensions:
298 x 112 x 90mm
Control rack dimensions:
430 x 370 x 106mm
Cooling system:
Integrated air cooling
Protection rating:
Marking head IP54, control rack IP21
Electrical supply:
100-240Vac @ 50-60Hz
+15 to +50C depending on model and application


  • Arex marking head
  • Marking head and control rack
  • Engraved metal
  • Datamatrix code on alloy
  • Datamatrix code on plastic
  • Datamatrix code on alloy
  • Annealed metal
  • Datamatrix code on metal
  • Datamatrix code on metal

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