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As well as supplying standard systems to work on exisiting production lines, Martek also supplies custom-designed automatic inline labellers to meet specific labelling requirements. Typical systems include side labellers, top & bottom labellers, wrap-around labellers and corner-wrap labellers. Accessories including barcode readers, vision sensors and reject stations can all be integrated into inline systems.

  • Bottom labeller
  • Corner-wrap labeller
  • Dual top labeller

Custom design

Systems are designed and built to suit each individual application taking into account the environment, throughput, product type and budget. Systems can include one or more label applicator or print-and-apply system from our Collamat and Ventus ranges.

Integration options

A range of integration options can be added including barcode readers, vision sensors, reject systems and product handling modules. PLC controls can be interfaced with external systems to maintain optimum line performance. Print-and-apply systems can be controlled by NiceLabel software allowing advanced integration with ERP, warehousing and other host systems. Martek also supplies custom software solutions.

Product handling

Conveyor options include belt, roller and modular conveyors constructed from stainless steel (304 or 316) or powder-coated. Other handling modules include:

  > Product separators and alignment units
  > Top stabilisor conveyors
  > Wrap-around units
  > 3-point roller high-precision wrap around modules



Specifications to suit individual applications.

  • Bottom labeller
  • Corner-wrap with inkjet printer
  • Dual top labeller - Collamat Etiprint Inline
  • Side apply Ventus print-and-apply system
  • Side apply Ventus 610A+
  • Top Apply Ventus 610

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