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The Direct Print Module (DPM) III xi series is a comprehensive range of intermittent thermal transfer coders ranging from small area printers to wide format printers suitable to printing on multi-lane packaging machines such as Multivac and Meca thermoformers. Three print widths are available - 53, 107 and 128mm with a choice of stroke lengths from 60 to 630mm.

  • DPM-III xi print unit
  • DPM-III xi print unit
  • Various stroke lengths
  • Multi-lane printing

Comprehensive intermittent coder range

The DPM-III xi series of intermittent coders includes three printhead widths (53, 107 and 128mm) and seven print lengths (60, 140, 240, 340, 447, 570 and 630mm). All models are available as right-hand or left-hand configuration. The wider format printers are ideally suited for printing across multi-lane packaging machines such as Multivac and Meca thermoformers.


As standard, USB, serial and parallel interfaces are included - Ethernet is available as an option. Stand-alone operation is available using a memory card and the controller keypad.

Easy installation

The design of the DPM-III xi series includes mounting points for a printing plate allowing easy integration with most packaging machines. Cable outlets can be optionally located on the top of the print unit to allow installation in confined spaces.

Ribbon saving

All Valentin thermal transfer coders have ribbon saving as standard with typically 1mm utilisation between prints.


Supplied with Labelstar Office LITE as standard for simple printing tasks. For more advanced requirements, Labelstar Office Basic, Labelstar Office Professional and the NiceLabel 2017 software range are also available.

Print width:
53, 107 and 128mm models
Max. print length:
60, 140, 240, 340, 447, 570 and 630mm models
300dpi (12 dots/mm)
Print speed:
50 to 450mm/sec
Back speed:
50 to 500mm/sec
Text printing:
Any font and point size
Barcode printing:
All common barcode formats supported
2D code printing:
All common 2D and stacked code formats supported
USB, serial and parallel as standard - Ethernet optional
Ribbon size:
Up to 600m (85mm diameter) on 1-inch core
Ribbon winding:
Outside or inside
See Downloads for brochure
Electrical supply:
220-240Vac @ 50-60Hz (110Vac optional)
+5 to +40C at up to 80% humidity (non-condensing)
Air supply:
6 Bar min. oil and water-free
Labelstar Office LITE included. Other software available for advanced needs.


  • DPM-III xi
  • Right and left hand models
  • Control box
  • DPM-III xi 53 x 60mm
  • DPM-III xi 107 x 140mm
  • DPM-III xi print unit
  • 42 different models
  • Multi-lane printing
  • Flexible packaging film

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