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Many items are too large or bulky to print on with a traditional fixed-position inkjet printer. The EBS-250 Handjet portable inkjet printer has been specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for printing text and graphics onto large porous and non-porous products. A wide range of ink types and colours is available including white and yellow opaque inks for marking dark products.

  • EBS-250 Handjet
  • White, fast-dry ink
  • EBS-250 printing on wooden crate

Fully portable industrial inkjet printing

The EBS-250 Handjet is based on an industrial large-character print engine designed to work with fast drying inks and in harsh environments. The wide range of inks available allows printing onto porous and non-porous products including dark surfaces which can be printed with white, blue or yellow pigmented inks.

Printing capabilities

The 16-dot matrix allows text and logos to be printed from 9 to 27mm high. Variable data including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be automatically printed. A choice of 10, 30 and 60 message storage models is available with message editing via Bluetooth link to intuitive PC-based software.

Wide range of options

Accessories are available to enable the EBS-250 Handjet to be used to print on awkward shaped and small products and in harsh environments including:

  Print guides to aid printing on pipes and drums
  Adjustable guides for printing onto narrow products such as T-beams or box section framework
  Printhead protection kit for printing on rough surfaces and drop protection kits
  Bluetooth barcode reader to enter variable data to avoid input errors and aid productivity


Typical applications

EBS Handjet printers are frequently used to print on metal or plastic pipes, concrete products, wooden crates, outer case cartons, bags, sacks, stretch-wrapped pallets, fabrics and many other items.


Print nozzles: 16 nozzles / 27mm overall print height
Nozzle size: 150 micron
Character size range: 9 to 27mm
Message storage: 10, 30 or 60 print messages
Interface: Bluetooth link to PC for message editing. Bluetooth to barcode reader.
Battery type / life: Li-Ion. Typically 50 hours continuous use
Recharge time: 150min maximum
Ink cartridge: 120ml quick change bayonnet fit
Print direction: Any direction
Graphics printing: Monochrome graphics up to 16 pixels / 27mm high
Variable data printing: Date, time, offset date, sequential numbers, barcode reader input, database
Standard inks: Black, blue and red. High-resistance black for concrete marking.
Pigmented (opaque) inks: White, yellow, light blue (Pantone 306 on white substrate)
Specialist inks: Brown, red and blue food grade. Clear, UV-fluorescing. Red specialist timber ink.
Print guides: Pipe-adapter, drum adapter, straight-line adapter, narrow product guide
Accessories: Wrist strap kit, inertia reel kit, nozzle guard, large guide wheels, barcode reader

  • EBS-250 Handjet
  • EBS-250 Handjet Dimensions
  • Sample print styles
  • Timber cable reel
  • Timber crate
  • Stretch wrap
  • White fast dry ink
  • White ink on painted metal
  • Fast dry inks
  • Prints in any orientation
  • Kit contents

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