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Many overprinting applications simply need a small amount of information such as batch code and expiry date to be printed within a small area. The Flexicode system has been designed to meet these requirements at an affordable price. The system can be configured for intermittent or continuous operation and shares the same comprehensive bracketry system as the Dynacode for easy installation.

  • Flexicode with intermittent bracket
  • Flexicode print unit
  • Flexicode controller
  • Flexible packaging films

Low-cost coder for simple requirements

The Flexicode system can be configured for intermittent or continuous operation and will print text in any font and point size, barcodes, 2D codes and detailed graphics at 300dpi resolution. In intermittent mode the print area is 53 x 40mm and in continuous mode, the area can extend to 53 x 3000mm.


As standard, USB, Ethernet, parallel and serial interfaces are included. Stand-alone operation is available using a memory stick and the keypad on the controller or external keyboard.

Simple, robust design

Despite its low cost, the Flexicode system is still designed to cope with continuous operation. The clear front cover allows the ribbon level to be quickly checked. The maximum print speed of 400mm/sec allows use for most applications and ribbon lengths up to 600m ensures long print runs.

Ribbon saving

All Valentin thermal transfer coders have ribbon saving as standard with typically 1mm utilisation between prints.


Supplied with Labelstar Office LITE as standard for simple printing tasks. For more advanced requirements, Labelstar Office Basic, Labelstar Office Professional and the NiceLabel 2017 software range are also available.

Print width:
Max. print length intermittent:
Max. print length continuous:
300dpi (12 dots/mm)
Print speed intermittent:
50 to 400mm/sec
Print speed continuous:
Up to 400mm/sec
Back speed (intermittent):
Text printing:
Any font and point size
Barcode printing:
All common barcode formats supported
2D code printing:
All common 2D and stacked code formats supported
USB, Ethernet, serial and parallel
Ribbon size:
Up to 600m (82mm diameter) on 1-inch core
Ribbon winding:
Outside or inside
Dimensions (print unit):
190 x 180 x 208mm; 6Kg
Dimensions (controller):
242 x 117 x 220mm; 3.7Kg
Standard cable length:
Electrical supply:
220-240Vac @ 50-60Hz (110Vac optional)
+5 to +40C at up to 80% humidity (non-condensing)
Air supply:
6 Bar min. oil and water-free
Labelstar Office LITE included. Other software available for advanced needs.


  • Flexicode system
  • Flexicode print unit
  • Print unit with intermittent bracket
  • Flexicode control box
  • Control box connections
  • Flexicode on packaging machine
  • Flexible packaging films
  • Flexible packaging films
  • Flexible packaging films

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