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Thermal transfer label printers from Valentin and Godex to suit all applications and budgets from low-cost, low-volume label printing to high-speed, high throughput printing requirements. Printers are available with 200, 300 and 600 dpi resolution as well a systems specifically designed for GHS 2-colour label printing.

Comprehensive range of label printers for medium and high volume printing requirements. The Valentin range includes models with advanced features such as ribbon saving, 7-inch colour touchscreen, 600 dpi resolution, RFID encoder, barcode validation and print-and-apply modules.
The Godex range of printers includes models suitable for low, medium and high-volume printing. Compact, desktop printers are ideally suited to small and medium print runs but still use a standard size ribbon. Industrial models feature sturdy build quality and simple controls with ZX models featuring a touchscreen keypad.
By July 2015 all chemical products supplied within the EU and further afield will need to be labelled using the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) system. This includes the printing of 2-colour pictograms which is not possible on most exisiting thermal transfer systems. The Valentin DuoPrint has been designed specifically for this purpose.
EU regulation 1169/2011 comes into effect from 13 December 2014 and required food labelling to highlight allergens in ingredients lists relative to the other text. NiceLabel software provides 2 solutions to comply with the regulation. NiceLabel Pro allows Rich Text Fields to be included in labels allowing formatting of individual characters.
The Valentin DuoPrint has 2 thermal transfer printheads allowing GHS labels to be printed in a single operation.
All printers are supplied with a free copy of GoLabel software suitable for most label printing requirements and a Windows printer driver.
DuoPrint systems have 2 thermal transfer printheads allowing simultaneous printing in 2 colours with ribbon saving on one of the printheads - normally for the red ribbon.
PowerForms Desktop offers the ability to maintain a list of allergens in a database and automatically highlight included allergens in labels at the time of printing giving greater control and flexibility.

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