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Label dispensers provide a conveninet solution for speeding up hand-labelling applications. Labels are presented to the operator with the backing paper stripped, ready for single-handed appication to the product. Models are available in 100 and 200mm widths and with optional counters and transparent label sensors.

  • DWR100 dispenser
  • DWR200 with counter
  • DWR LC low-cost dispenser

DWR100 and DWR200

The DWR range is Martek's standard label dispenser range with two basic models; DWR100 for labels up to 100mm wide and DWR200 for labels up to 200mm wide. Both models will accept label rolls up to 300mm diameter and with any core size. The standard optical label sensor can be used with normal opaque labels and for transparent labels, a mechanical sensor can be used. An optional counter provides the opportuinty to preset the number of labels to be dispensed, after which the dispenser will stop. Battery operated models are also available.


For simple dispensing tasks with opaque labels up to 100mm wide, the DRW LC model provides a low-cost solution. The compact design allows rolls up to 180mm diameter to be used with any core size.



Min. label width:
Max. label width:
100mm (DWR100 and DWR LC); 200mm (DWR200)
10 to 15m/min (DWR100 and DWR200);
Max. roll diameter:
300mm (DWR100 and DWR200); 180mm (DWR LC)
Core diameter:
38 to 115mm (DWR100 and DWR200); 25 to 115mm (DWR LC)
Supply voltage:
220-240Vac @ 50Hz
Dimensions DWR100:
330 x 410 x 370(H)mm 9.7Kg
Dimensions DWR200:
430 x 410 x 370(H)mm 11Kg
Dimensions DWR LC:
158 x 250 x 167(H)mm 3.2Kg
Counter, transparent label sensor, 110Vac, battery operated (DWR100 and DWR200)


  • DWR100
  • DWR100 with transparent label sensor
  • DWR200
  • DWR200 with counter
  • DW200 with counter and clear sensor
  • DWR LC

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