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NiceLabel 2017 software range includes label design, print management and automation products to cater for all label printing requirements whether simple or complex. Features include database integration, complex field handling, custom forms designer, Rich Text fields, curved text, complex serialisation, automatic print triggering and many more. All brands and types of printer supported.

  • NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro
  • Advanced label designer
  • Forms application builder


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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Express

Basic label designer for simple label designs and integration with Excel data. Single user only for use with unlimited printers.

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro

Industrial label designer with database access support for all OLE/ODBC databases, linked fields and generic operator print module. Multi user with editions for 3, 5 or 10 printers.

NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms

Includes all of the features of NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro as well as a custom application developer to allow a forms-based application to be easily created to provide an intuitive operator interface for label printing.

NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite

Includes all of the features of NiceLabel 2017 Powerforms as well as providing automation facilities to enable automatic label printing triggered by TCP/IP, RS232, trigger text file and data extraction from unstructured documents and data streams.

Feature Comparison


Designer Express

Designer Pro


PowerForms Suite

Text, barcodes, lines, shapes, images Y Y Y Y
Use Excel as database Y Y Y Y
Linked fields and concatenated fields   Y Y Y
OLE/ODBC database connectivity   Y Y Y
Generic operator print module (NicePrint)   Y Y Y
Custom operator print module (EasyForms)   Y Y Y
Rich Text Fields - format individual characters   Y Y Y
Curved text, auto-fit, relative positioning   Y Y Y
Styles, fills, grouping   Y Y Y
Full serialisation, custom check digits   Y Y Y
Global variables, scripting, output masks   Y Y Y
Multiple database connections, SQL queries   Y Y Y
Application builder (Forms designer)     Y Y
Automatic printing funcions       Y

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  • Designer Pro intuitive label designer
  • Designer Pro print interface
  • Designer Pro Rich Text editor
  • Designer Pro functions list
  • Designer Pro database list
  • DesignerPro database printing