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RN Jet Series high-resolution inkjet printers from RN Mark in Canada use 18 or 53mm printheads to print text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes onto porous and non-porous surfaces including card, paper, plastic, metal, glass and coated carton. A wide range of oil-based and solvent-based inks is available including food grade inks for direct food contact.

  • RN Jet 100
  • Non-porous surfaces

Versatile high-reolution printers

The RN Jet range includes 18 and 53mm models with omni-directional printheads suitable for printing in any direction. The colour touch-screen controller will drive one or two printheads. Porous and non-porous products can be printed with text from 2 to 53mm high, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes. RN Jet printers offer a cost-effective alternative to CIJ printers with virtually no maintenance costs and minimal fluid consumption.


RN Jet 100 1 x 18mm printhead - additional head may be added
RN Jet 200 2 x 18mm printheads - each can use different ink type and colour
RN Jet Pro 1 x 53mm printhead - additional head may be added


Simple, compact design

All RN Jet printers have a compact colour touch-screen controller and tool-free mounting brackets allowing quick and easy installation even in confined spaces. The 110ml quick-change ink cartridge can be changed in seconds with no mess.


Standard and high-speed printheads are available allowing print speeds up to 100m/min. A shaft encoder may be used for variable speed production lines and where repeat printing in required e.g. cable or extrusion printing. RN Jet controllers have USB and RS232 Serial ports to allow external devices to be connected such as scales, barcode readers and memory backup drives.

Print height:
18 and 53mm models
Print resolution:
180dpi vertical x 180 to 540dpi horizontal
Printing speed:
Standard speed printheads - 60m/min; high-speed printheads 100m/min
Distance to product:
Up to 7mm for optimum print results
Any TrueType font and point size from 2 to 53mm depending on printhead
Barcodes & 2D codes:
All common 1D and 2D symbologies included
Printhead position:
Variable fields:
Counters, dates, times, offset dates, keypad entry, external input
Ink type:
Oil-based for porous surfaces and solvent-based for non-porous surfaces
Oil-based inks:
Black, red, blue
Solvent-based inks:
Black, red, blue, yellow, white, green, brown, orange, food-grade red
Ink container:
110ml quick-change cartridge
Operator interface:
7" colour touch screen
Message storage:
Up to 1,000 messages
USB and RS232 Serial
Encoder, specialist sensors, custom bracketry and protection, conveyors
Electrical supply:
120 - 240Vac @ 50 - 60Hz; 3.3A maximum
0 to +45 degrees C @ up to 85% humidity (non condensing)


  • RN Jet 100
  • RN Jet 200
  • RN Jet Pro
  • RN Jet Pro
  • RN Jet Pro print on carton
  • RN Jet 100 print on can
  • RN Jet 200 print on card
  • RN Jet 100 print on card
  • RN Jet Pro print on timber
  • RN Jet 100 printing on Aluminium
  • Touch screen controller
  • RN Soft software
  • 110ml quick-change cartridge

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