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External rewinders can be used with any make or model of label printer and conveniently rewind labels as they are printed. The Godex T10 and T20 are ideally suited for medium to high volume printing with capacities of 200mm and 150mm respectively. The RWR Series can rewind rolls up to 300mm diameter and is available in 140 and 230mm widths.

  • RWR140
  • Godex T10
  • RWR230

Godex T10 and T20

Godex T10 and T20 rewinders are supplied with an interchangeable core system allowing coreless rewinding or winding onto 25, 38 or 76mm cores. Rewinding is contrlled by a dancing arm with automatic ramping up and down of speed depending on the arm position. Labels can be wound inside or outside. The T10 has a maximum width of 120mm with 200mm rewinding capacity. The T20 will wind labels up to 177mm wide up to a maximum diameter of 152mm.

RWR Series

The RWR series includes 140 and 230mm wide models both capable of rewinding label rolls up to 300mm diameter. Rolls can be wound outside or inside with winding controlled by a dancing arm. The adjustable core holder can accept cores in any size from 40 to 110mm.


Max. media width:
120mm (T10), 177mm (T20), 140mm (RWR140), 230mm (RWR230)
Max. rewind speed:
300mm/sec (T10 and T20), 416mm/sec (RWR Series)
Max. roll diameter:
200mm (T10), 150mm (T20), 300mm (RWR Series)
Core size:
25, 38 or 76mm (T10 and T20), 40 to 110mm adjustable (RWR Series)
Supply voltage:
110-240Vac auto range (T10 and T20), 220-240Vac (RWR Series)
Dimensions (T10):
180 x 349 x 303(H)mm 5Kg
Dimensions (T20):
180 x 394 x 303(H)mm 5Kg
Dimensions (RWR140):
330 x 410 x 370(H)mm 13Kg
Dimensions (RWR230):
430 x 410 x 370(H)mm 15Kg
Label winding:
Inside or outside


  • Godex T10
  • Godex T10
  • Godex T20
  • RWR140
  • RWR230

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