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Many labelling requirements for cylindrical products including bottles, jars, tins, tubes etc... do not justify the expense of an inline wrap-around labeller but still require the product to be accurately and professionally labelled. CP-21 and DWR-Round semi-automatic labellers provide a cost effective solution.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Labellers

The Collamat CP-21 system is based on a Collamat Standard Series label applicator and offers the same precision and build quality as all Collamat systems. The applicator is fitted to a desktop stand with a wrap unit and footswitch allowing products from 10 to 120mm diameter to be labelled.
The DWR-Round system offers a compact benchtop solution for accurate labelling of round products from 20 to 130mm diameter. The built-in electronic controller can store up to 40 different product settings for quick recall. One or two labels can be applied to each product.
The Collamat applicator at the heart of the CP-21 system can be incorporated into an inline labeller should requirements change.
The DWR-Round can apply two labels to the same product allowing front-and-back labelling in one operation.

Collamat CP-21


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