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United Barcode Systems (UBS) Aplink Series printers allow high definition text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes to be printied onto porous surfaces including card, paper, fabrics and wood. All printers use the renowned Seiko 72mm piezo-electric print engine.

  • Aplink MR2
  • Aplink Dual MR2
  • ISPM15 mark on timber

Consistent high-quality printing

All UBS systems have been designed to operate in harsh environments and MR2, MR1400 and Dual systems include temperature management of the print engine ensuring consistently high print quality regardless of the ambient temperature. All models use Sieko 72mm print engines - renowned for long term reliable operation.


Aplink MR2 1 x 72mm printhead with side for top printing and a remote printhead option
Aplink Dual MR 2 x 72mm printheads (side, top or remote) driven from a shared controller
Aplink MR-1400 1 x 140mm printhead with side or top printing models
Aplink MRX Up to 4 x 72mm printheads (side, top or remote) from a single controller


Easy to Operate

Aplink MR2 and MR-1400 systems include a built-in 5.7" colour touch screen controller. Dual MR and MRX systems have a separate 8" colour touch screen terminal. In both cases, print messages may be created remotely using UBS Label software and stored on the controller for stand-alone printing or a host system may be permanenty connected.


Text in any True Type font and point size, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed at 180dpi vertical resolution x 180 to 720 dpi horizontal resolution.

Print height:
Aplink MR2, MRX & Aplink Dual MR: 72mm; MR-1400: 140mm
Print resolution:
180dpi vertical x 180 to 720dpi horizontal
Printing speed:
Up to 110m/min depending on resolution
Distance to product:
Up to 7mm for optimum print results
Printhead position:
72mm heads - side, top or remote (umbilical); 140mm - side or top
Barcodes & 2D codes:
All common 1D and 2D symbologies included
Variable fields:
Formulas, counters, dates, times, offset dates, keypad entry, external input
Ink type:
Oil-based for porous surfaces
Standard colours:
Black, red, blue, yellow - others on request
Ink container:
1-litre or 500ml bottles
Ink drying time:
Instant on porous surfaces
Operator interface:
MR2 and 1400 - 5.7" colour touch screen; Dual and MRX - 8" colour touch screen
UBS Label or Codesoft PC-based print management software
Aluminium & stainless steel
Ethernet LAN & USB, WiFi optional
Floor stand, encoder, specialist sensors, external beacon, WiFi interface
Electrical supply:
120 - 240Vac @ 50 - 60Hz
+5 to +50 degrees C @ up to 85% humidity (non condensing)


  • Aplink MR2
  • Aplink MRX
  • Aplink Dual MR
  • Aplink MR-1440
  • MR-1440 printing down
  • 90 degree printhead apapter
  • Aplink MR2 with floor stand
  • ISPM15 mark on timber
  • Generic carton printing

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