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High-quality label printers manufactured in Germany ranging from simple, compat printers for low to medium volume applications to heavy-duty industrial printers for high-volume printing. Models available up to 600dpi resolution and with advanced options including ribbon saving and integrated touch-screens.

Compact printer range for low to medium volume printing applications. A choice of 200 and 300 dpi resolution models with a range of options including dispenser, rewinder, cutter, digitial I/O, Ethernet interface and wireless LAN interface. Compact metal case with 180mm diameter label rll size and 300m long ribbon capacity.
Compat, high-tech printer range for medium volume printing. All Vita-II printers include Ethernet LAN, serial, parallel and USB interfaces. A 600 dpi resolution model is available for printing very fine detail graphics, barcodes and text. Long All models use durable printheads with long life especially for direct thermal printing.
Reliable series of midrange label printers with 4-inch and 6-inch wide models. 4-inch models are available in 200 and 300dpi resolution with specific models for direct thermal printing giving extended printhead life. A5 pallet labels can be printed at 300dpi with the 6-inch wide Compa-II 162/12.
The third generation of the popular Vario series adds the option of a 7-inch colour touch-screen making system settings very quick and simple to change. A choice of 200, 300 and 600 dpi models is available. With 200mm diameter label roll capacity and print speeds up to 250mm/sec, Vario-III is ideal for high-volume printing.
Valentin's fastest and most industrial printer series intended for high-volume printing and operation in the harshest environments. Three model widths are available; 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch... all with 300dpi resolution. Print speeds up to 300mm/sec ensure large runs are printed quickly without compromising quality.
Built on the mechanics of the Spectra, the DuoPrint includes two thermal transfer printheads to allow simultaneous printing of labels in two colours. GHS-compliant chemical labels can be easily printed in a single pass using chemical-resistant labelstock and ribbons. High-security labels can be printed using black and UV ribbons.
Ideally suited for light industrial use printing low to medium volumes of labels or tags.
Stand-alone printing is possible by connecting a USB memory stick and keyboard eliminating the need to connect to a PC.
Stand-alone operation is available by plugging in a USB keyboard and memory stick of flash card.
All models have Serial, parallel, USB and Ethernet interfaces as standard as well as 3 USB ports for accessories.
Optional ribbon saving is available for requirements to print just a small area of large labels avoiding ribbon waste.
Ribbon saving is provided on one printhead to avoid ribbon waste where only small areas are printed.







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