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Large-character and high-resolution inkjet systems for marking outer cases, trays, shrink-wrapped packs and many other products. Systems range from low-cost dot-matrix printers for simple marking applications to high-definition printers capable of printing text, barcodes and detailed graphics.

Print text in any True Type font and size, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes directly onto porous and non-porous surfaces eliminating the need for labels. Martek's high-resolution printers have printheads ranging from 18 to 144mm print height and offer extremely low cost of ownership.
For simple coding requirements where text and simple graphics need to be printed onto porous or non-porous surfaces, Martek's large character printers offer an affordable, reliable solution. Print heights range from 8 to 115mm with up to 8 printheads from a single controller.

Case Coding

Systems range from low-cost self-contained printers to high-performance UV-curing systems for instant drying on non-porous surfaces.
Typical applications include simple carton coding e.g. batch code and expiry date and printing onto shrink-wrapped products.

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