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EBS' Boltmark range of industrial continuous inkjet printers use high speed non-contact technology to print using very fast drying inks onto virtually any surface. The convenient iModule core contains all service wear parts to ensure low cost of ownership.

The EBS-6500 is the standard continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer in the EBS Boltmark range and is ideally suited to most small character printing applications. Black MEK-based inks are used giving instantaneous drying on all surfaces. As standard 2-lines of text can be printed with optional 3-line printing.
The EBS-6800 shares the same design as the EBS-6500 but can be used with a wide range of different ink types and colours. In standard configuration, 2 lines of text can be printed but this can be upgraded to give up to 5 lines. A micro nozzle can also be fitted for printing text down to 0.9mm high.
The EBS-7200 has been specifically designed for high-speed applications such as cable manufacturing and bottling. A single line of text can be printed at line speeds up to 495m/min. The standard 50 mircron nozzle allows text from 1.2 to 9mm high to be printed with 2 lines of text as standard expandable to up to 5 lines of text.
Text from 1.4 to 12mm high, graphics and barcodes can be printed at line speeds up to 441m/min as standard.
The standard 3m ultra-flexible printhead umbilical cable can be replaced by a 4m or 6m long cable for awkward installations.
Text, linear barcodes and graphics can be printed as standard with 2D Datamatrix codes available optionally.

EBS-6500 Boltmark

EBS-6800 Boltmark

EBS-7200 Boltmark

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