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The Reiner jetStamp 970 is a convenient handheld inkjet printer suitable for printing onto porous and non-porous materials. Text from 1.5 to 13mm high can be printed as well as graphics, barcodes and QR codes. The printer is simply held in place and when the trigger is pulled, the printhead traverses within the frame of the printer to make the print in about 1 second. Date, time and counters can be printed in real time.


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The Reiner jetStamp 970 can be used to mark a wide range of materials including paper, card, plastic, metals, glass, timber, foam and fabrics. Water-based black and magenta inks can be used to print high-contrast marks onto porous materials including uncoated paper and timber. Typical applications include printing ISPM15 heat treatment marks onto timber, marking timber profile e.g. window frames, marking cartons and document stamping.

For marking non-porous materials, solvent-based black ink allows products including glass bottles, plastic containers, foil packaging, thin films and varnished cartons to be marked.

The jetStamp 970 has a print area of 13 x 65mm with a marking time of about 1 second. Text from 1 to 13mm high can be printed using any font and point size. Real time information including date, time, offset time and sequential numbers can be automatically printed. Due to the jetStamp's 300 dpi print resolution, high definition graphics and symbols can be included within print messages. Barcodes and QR codes can also be printed. Barcodes can contain automatic date, time and sequential numbers.

For security marking applications, a UV-fluoresciung solvent-based ink is available. The ink is invisible under normal lighting conditions but fluoresces under ultraviolet lighting. Security marks can be printed onto porous and non-porous materials. For added security, it is also possible to print UV-fluorescing barcodes and 2D codes that can be read using specialist UV wavelength code readers.

Due to the unique way the jetStamp prints, traversing the printhead within the frame of the printer, it's possible to print onto small and awkward-shaped products including bottles, jars, tube and vials. The printer is simply held in place and the trigger pulled.

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Print area: 12.7 x 65mm   jetStamp 970 Brochure
Resoloution: 300 dpi   Short Instructions
Technology: HP TIJ2.5 thermal inkjet   Operating Manual
Print direction: Any   Solvent Cartridge Care Instructions
Text size: 1 to 12.7mm   SDS Solvent Ink, Black
Graphics: Monochrome up to 12.7 x 65mm   SDS Water-Based Ink, Magenta
Barcodes: All common linear barcodes including sequential numbering   PCser Graphic Software v5.10 Build 0003
2D codes: QR codes automatically printed, other formats imported as graphics   Windows Printer Driver 3A v6017 R8350
Inks: Water-based black and magenta, solvent-based black and UV-fluorescing   Firmware 3A v4.40
Interfaces: USB and Bluetooth    
Print unit dimensions: 140 x 160 x 85mm    
Print unit weight: 520g    
Kit contents: Print unit, docking station, batteries, ink cartridge, PC-Set Graphic software, cables    
Battery life: 3 hours printing / 6 hours standby. 90 min recharge. Spare batteries available    
Power for recharger: 90-240Vac @ 50-60Hz    

Simple 3-Step Operation

1. Design

2. Select

3. Print

Print messages are created using PCset Graphic software supplied with the printer. Up to 4 print messages can be compiled and sent to the jetStamp 970 print unit via USB or Bluetooth.
The desired print message is selected using the selector dial on the print unit. It is also possible to configure the printer to cycle through all stored print messages allowing different information to be printed on the product in different places without touching the controls.
The printer is placed on the product and the trigger in the handle pulled. The printhead traverses whithin the frame of the printer making the print in under 1 second.


  • REINER jetStamp 970
  • ISPM15 mark on timber
  • PCset Graphic software
  • Aluminium tins
  • Logos on cedar
  • Porous and non-porous materials
  • Glass jar
  • Concrete samples
  • PE pouches
  • Copper pipe
  • Pulped board
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Metal casing
  • Optional case

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