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As well as label printers and labelling systems, Martek also supplies high quality labels, ribbons and a wide range of labelling accessories. Most labels are produced in-house for quick turnaround. Accessories include label dispensers, rewinders, handheld label applicators and code readers.

High-quality labels are produced in-house in a wide range of sizes and from a diverse choice of materials. Paper and synthetic materials are available with many adhesives including permanent, peelable, high-grip, wash off and block-out. Roll sizes can be specified to suit all common label printers.
For many applications it is not cost-effective or practical to use an automatic label applicator. In these cases a label dispenser can offer significant productivity gains by dispensing labels and rewinding the backing paper so the operator just needs to lift and place the label speeding up hand-labelling operations.
For long print runs, an external label rewinder is essential to rewind the printed labels. Although printer internal rewinders offer a compact solution, their capacity is limited. External rewinders are available with 200mm and 300mm diameter capacities and in a range of widths - all with adjustable speed.
Martek's range of handheld label applicators speed up time-comsuming hand labelling operations. Labels are quickly loaded into the applicators and dispensed by squeezing the handle. The automatic label sensor detects the edge of labels allowing label sizes to be changed without adjustment.
The Godex range of handheld barcode and 2D code readers provides a simple and cost-effective means of scanning codes into a PC or other host system. The GS220 linear barcode reader will read all common linear barcodes and is available with USB or PS2 connection cable.
Fixed position barcode and 2D code readers can be used in many ways to read linear and 2D codes. Applications include code quality checking, missing label detection, sorting and many other automation applications. The Datalogic range of readers includes a wide choice of readers to suit virtually any code reading application.
Ribbons for all thermal transfer printers and coders are available in a comprehensive range of grades and colours.
A choice of 100 and 200mm wide models is available with optional counters and clear label sensors.
The RWR rewinder has an adjustable core holder allowing any core size from 25 to 100mm to be used.
Three models are available for label web widths of 30, 60 and 100mm.
The GS550 2D reader will scan all common 2D and stacked codes and comes with a USB connection cable.
Matrix 300 and Matrix 410 models may be used with integral lighting for code verification.

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