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Industrial printers for marking text and simple graphics from 8 to 115mm high onto porous and non-porous surfaces. EBS large character printers use solenoid-driven print mechanics to allow fast drying inks to be used and ensure reliable operation in dusty environments.

Self-contained large-character printers for printing on porous and non-porous surfaces. Up to 30 print messages can be stored in the printer with message selection via the mebrane keypad and LED display on the back of the printer.
Multi-printhead large character system with one controller driving up to 6 printheads. Printheads range from 7 to 64 dots with print heights ranging from 8 to 115mm. All components are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel for use in harsh environments.

Large Character Inkjet Printers

The optional T200 touch-screen terminal can be used for local control and message editing.
A wide choice of ink types and colours is available for porous and non-porous surfaces.



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