EBS Boltmark® II Series

The latest generation Boltmark® II continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers from EBS offer improvements in performance, functionality and reliability making them the ideal choice for marking almost any product including flat, curved and uneven surfaces both porous and non-porous. Print batch codes, durability dates, sequential numbers, logos, barcodes and 2D codes using a wide range of inks.

The convenient iModule® integrated ink system contains all wear parts and is designed to be changed in under a minute without tools and without the need for a service visit. Ink and solvent are also supplied in quick-change cartridges that simply click into place in seconds and can be changed without stopping the printer.

The Boltmark® II series has also been designed with efficiency in mind with a power consumption of just 19W. Ink and solvent consumption are also extremely low keeping the overall cost of ownership to a minimum. IP55 protection comes as standard preventing dust and water ingress including screen and connector protection against water sprayed from any angle. The EBS-6900 is also available with IP65 protection for extreme envitonments.


EBS-6600 EBS-6900 EBS-6800P
Ink type: Dye-based for light surfaces Dye-based for light surfaces Pigmented, opaque for all surfaces
Ink colours: Black and thermochromatic (black/blue) Black and thermochromatic (black/blue) White, grey, green, yellow, dark blue, light blue
Dots in matrix: 16 (25 optional) 25 (32 optional) 16 (25 or 32 optional)
Print lines 7x5 font: 2 (3 optional) 3 (4 optional) 2 (3 or 4 optional)
Print lines 5x5 font: 2 (4 optional) 4 (5 optional) 2 (4 or 5 optional)
Graphics editor: Built-in Built-in Built-in
Barcode printing: All common formats All common formats All common formats
2D code printing: QR and Datamatrix ECC200 optional QR and Datamatrix ECC200 standard QR and Datamatrix ECC200 optional
Print direction: Any Any Any
Printhead distance: Up to 30mm from product Up to 30mm from product Up to 30mm from product
Print height: 12mm max. - text from 1.2 to 12mm 16mm max. - text from 1.2 to 16mm 12mm max. - text from 1.4 to 12mm
Max print speed: Up to 500mm/sec (5x5 font) Up to 500mm/sec (5x5 font) Up to 500mm/sec (5x5 font)
Message storage: 100 messages 1,000 messages (2000 optional) 1,024 messages
Printhead cable: 3m 3m (6m optional) 3m
Protection rating: IP55 IP55 (IP65 optional) IP54
Printhead type: Straight Straight (90 degree angular optional) Straight
ACPS power supply: Optional Optional No
Dimensions: 300x210x460mm (WxLxH) 300x210x460mm (WxLxH) 300x210x470mm (WxLxH)
Head dimensions: 40mm OD x 198mm 40mm OD x 198mm 40mm OD x 198mm
Weight: 12.5Kg 12.5Kg 13.8Kg
Power: 100-240Vac at 50-60Hz; 19W 100-240Vac at 50-60Hz; 19W 100-240Vac at 50-60Hz; 19W

Features and Options

EBS-260 Handjet inks

Boltmark® II Inks

The Boltmark® II series can be used to mark almost any material whether porous or non-porous, pale or dark-colured. All inks dry on contact and offer excellent durability. The EBS-6600 and EBS-6900 printers use dye-based inks to mark pale colored products including specialist inks for difficult substrates and inks compliant with EuPIA guidelines. Thermochromatic ink is also available which changes colour when subjected to a given temperature.

The EBS-6800P uses pigmented, opaque inks to print high-contrast marks onto dark-coloured products. White, yellow, green, dark blue, grey and light blue pigmented inks are available. Where both dark and light products need to be marked, the EBS-6800P light blue, grey and green inks offer the possibility to mark all products with the same ink.