Print-and-Apply Systems

Martek's range of Ventus and Collamat print-and-apply systems provides reliable, industrial solutions for virtually and print-and-apply application.

Ventus systems manufactured by Klinger in Finland are offered with a range of application methods including blow-on for delicate products, tamp for high-precision labelling, tamp-blow for labelling irregular or uneven products, wipe-on for high-speed labelling onto flat surfaces, corner-wrap for labelling around the corner of cartons and front/back of pack applicators. The Ventus Pallet system is specially desiged for applying 1 or 2 labels to pallets.

Collamat systems are ideally suited to high-speed and high-precision applications based on Collamat C-series and S-series label applicators.

A choice of print engines and thermal transfer coders is available including SATO and Valentin systems with resolution up to 600dpi.

Systems can be supplied on simple floor stands for use on existing conveyors, work stations and production lines. Martek also offers inline systems including integrated conveyors with optional barcode readers, reject stations, production line integration and other customised options.

Print-and-apply systems