EBS Handjet® and REINER Handheld Inkjet Printers

Whether you need to print an expiry date onto a glass jar or weights and dimensions onto precast concrete fabrications, Martek has a fully portable, handheld inkjet solution from the EBS Handjet® and REINER ranges. Martek is official UK distributor for both EBS and REINER inkjet printers and provides expert advice in selecting the best system for your marking requirements.

The EBS-250 Handjet® and EBS-260 Handjet® printers are ideally suited to printing text, simple graphics and, depending on the product, barcodes and 2D codes onto large items such as shipping creates, outer case cartons, concrete, pipes and sheet metal. Porous and non-porous materials can be marked with a choice if inks including opaque, pigmented inks for printing on dark products and food-grade inks for the EBS-250 Handjet®.

For printing onto smaller items such as bottles, jars, primary cartons and tubes, the REINER jetStamp range offers a practical solution. The jetStamp series can be used to print text from 1 to 25mm high, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes by simply holding the printer in place and pulling the trigger. The printhead traverses within the frame of the printer allowing printing onto small and irregular shaped items. The REINER 940 allows high-resolution text, graphics, barcodes and 2D cose to be printed onto flat surfaces such as outer case cartons, timber frames and sheet products.

EBS-260 Handjet inks

EBS Handjet® Range

By using electromangnetic printhead technology, the EBS-250 Handjet® and EBS-260 Handjet® are able to print reliably using very fast-drying inks without the risk of the printer drying up. This technology also makes the Handjets® particularly well suited to use in dusty environments such as concrete and timber facilities.

WiFi, Bluetooth and USB interfaces ensure excellent connectivity and a wide range of accessories is available to protect the printers and enable priting onto awkward shaped items.The EBS Handjets® are commonly used to print onto pipes, drums, crates, concrete, pallets, sheet products, textiles and garments.

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REINER jetStamp 970

REINER Handheld Inkjets

The REINER range includes handheld printers capable of printing text from 1 to 25mm high, high definition graphics, barcodes and 2D codes onto porous and non-porous surfaces. REINER jetStamp models can be used to easily print onto small and irregular-shaped items including bottles, jars, tubes, small cartons and lids.

A Windows printer driver is supplied with the REINER 940, jetStamp 970 and jetStamp 1025 models allowing integration with host systems including SAP. Bluetooth enabled models can also be operated from a simple Android App. Alignment guides are available to aid marking of awrkward shaped items.

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