Collamat Etiprint Inline

High-performance wipe-on print-and-apply systems

Etiprint Inline 30 for speeds up to 30m/min

Etiprint Inline 50 for line speeds up to 50m/min

Printing is independent of applying - print slow, apply fast for optimum print quality

Choice of 95 and 160mm wide models

Fixed beak, spring-loaded beak and electromagnetically operated flap applicator modules

High-throughput - up to 150 labels per minute

Encoder option to synchronise application speed to conveyor speed

SATO print engines offer 200, 300 or 600dpi print resolution - other brands of printer can also be used

Thermal transfer or direct thermal print modes


Etiprint Inline 30 Etiprint Inline 50
Application method: Fixed beak, spring-loaded beak or electromagnetic flap Fixed beak, spring-loaded beak or electromagnetic flap
Max. application speed: 30m/min 50m/min
Accuracy: +/- 1mm +/- 0.1mm
Max. label width: 95 or 160mm including backing paper 95 or 160mm including backing paper
Maximum label roll OD: 350mm 350mm
Controller: High-precision potentiometers Digital control panel
Printer options: SATO S84ex / S86ex. Other makes also possible. SATO S84ex / S86ex. Other makes also possible.
Collamat Range Brochure
EBS-6600 Boltmark 2 series cij printer

SATO print engines

Etiprint Inline systems can use a wide range of thermal transfer and direct thermal print engines from all leading manufacturers. As standard, Martek equips Etiprint systems with SATO S84ex and S86ex print engines.

The S84ex range includes models with 200, 300 and 600dpi resolution all with a print width of 104mm. For high-throughput applications, printing speeds up to 16"/sec (406mm/sec) are possible and ribbons up to 600m long can be used.

For wider labels, the S86ex range includes 200 and 300dpi resolution models with print speeds up to 14"/sec (356mm/sec).

All SATO print engines come with USB, Ethernet LAN, RS232C serial nad IEEE1284 parallel interfaces as standard. WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces are also available as options.

SATO print engines