EBS-230 PicAS® Inkjet Printer

The EBS-230 offers a low-cost option for printing onto porous and non-porous surfaces including paper, metal, plastic, cardboard, glass and timber. Two models are available - EBS-230/7 with 7 dots for printing a single line of text at 6 or 11mm print height and EBS-230/16 with 16 dots for printing 2 lines of text at 8 or 11mm height or a single line of text up to 27mm high. The EBS-230/16 can also print simple logos and symbols.

EBS-230 printers can be controlled using an optional touch screen controller allowing print messages to be quickly edited and print settings adjusted. For simple printing applications where the print data does not need to be changed frequently, up to 30 print messages can be loaded into the EBS-230 printer memory using PC-based software. The required print message can then be selected using the built-in display integrated into the printer.

A wide range of inks is available including fast-drying inks for non-porous surfaces, pale opaque inks for printing on dark non-porous surfaces, food-grade inks and UV-fluorescing ink for security marking. The optional shaft encoder allows printng on variable speed production lines and continuous printing on pipes, extrusions, textiles and other continuous products.


Print height: 6 to 11mm for EBS230/7 model - single line printing. 6 to 27mm for EBS-230/16 model - single and dual line printing
Nozzle size: 150 microns
Print direction: Any
Memory: 30 print messages each with up to 1300 characters
Print speed: Up to 60m/min
Special characters: National and diacritical characters, warning and transport symbols
Variable data: Date, time, offset date, serial communications input, incremental and decremental counters
Message editing: PC software provided with printer via USB / RS232 or optional touch screen terminal
Ink consumption: Approx. 2,000,000 characters per litre (11mm high characters)
Print fonts: Dot-matrix fonts supplied with printer. True Type fonts possible at reduced resolution (recommended for EBS230/16 only)
Ink types: Water, ethanol, acetone and MEK-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces in a range of colours
Special inks: White, yellow, green and blue pigmented opaque inks, food grade and UV-fluorescing inks
Kit contents: Printhead, control box, cable set, 1-litre ink system, printhead bracket and PC software
Protection rating: IP54
Power supply: 100-240Vac @ 50-60Hz
Weight: 1.6Kg
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EBS-230 PicAS inks

EBS-230 PicAS® Inks

The EBS-230 PicAS® can be used to mark almost any material whether porous or non-porous, pale or dark-colured. A range of water, ethanol, acetones and MEK-based inks is available in a range of colours.

White, yellow, green and blue pigmented inks can be used to print clear, high-contrast marks on non-porous materials including plastic and metal. A circulating ink system ensures pigmented inks do not settle in the ink container avoiding clogging in the printhead. When printing on both pale and dark-coloured products, green and light-blue pignemted inks offer the possibility to use one ink to mark all products.

Red, blue and brown food grade inks are available as well as a UV-fluorescing ink for security marking of products.