Handheld and Inline Inkjet ISPM15 Marking Systems

Traditional methods for printing ISPM15 heat treatment marks onto timber products such as stencils and branding irons are time-consuming to use and, unless used precisely, result in poor quality and often, illegible marks.

Whether you need to print onto assembled pallets using a handheld printer or apply marks to products inline during the manufacturing process, Martek has a range of handheld and automatic inkjet printers ideally suited to printing ISPM15 heat treatment marks onto timber.

The REINER jetStamp 1025 handheld inkjet printer can be used to print marks up to 25 x 85mm and is an ideal solution for printing ISPM15 marks onto assembled pallets - either on pallet blocks or stringers. The printer is simply held in place and the mark is made in about 1 second when the trigger is pressed. Martek offers a pallet printing package for the jetStamp 1025 including pallet alignment guide, protective cover, battery charger and spare batteries.

For inline printing, the UBS Aplink series uses 72mm-high Seiko printheads to print at line speeds up to 110m/min using oil-based inks. The Aplink MRX system includes an ink temperature management system to ensure consistent print quality in low and fluctuating temperature environments. For extreme environments, a cold environment kit is also available ensuring you can keep printing in all conditions. The MRX system is also available with a 140mm high printhead allowing large text and graphics to be printed as well as heat treatment marks and is ideally suited to printing shipping crates and potato boxes.

The Smart-Jet® series of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers offers a cost-effective alternative for inline printing of ISPM15 marks up to 51mm high at line speeds up to 76m/min. Stand-alone and modular systems are available with the option of bulk ink feed for long production runs without interruption and low printing costs.

Pallets and shipping crate with ISPM15 printed by inkjet

Modern, inkjet ISPM15 heat treatment mark printing