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The Collamat range of label applicators includes models for virtually any application and budget. Martek supplies Collamat applicators for use on existing conveyors or as inline systems with integrated conveyors to fit into automated production lines. Collamat labellers are characterised by simple, modular design that allow configuration for many different applications.

The Collamat ECO series has been designed for simple applications to wipe labels onto the side or top of products with a maximum label width of 95mm including backing paper. Three Collamat ECO models are available for line speeds up to 15, 25 and 50m/min and are all built to the same exacting standards as all Collamat systems.

For more complex applications, the modular Collamat C-Series offers a choice of application modules including wipe, flap (for labelling uneven products and into recesses), blow and tamp applicators. Models are available for labels up to 95 and 160mm wide including backing paper. A wide choice of options is available for the C-Series including shaft encoder for speed synchronisation, remote control panel for applications where the labeller is in a remote or confined location, digital ciontrol panel with memory function, status beacon and clear label sensor.

For the most demanding applications, the Collamat S-Series delivers accuracy up to +/-0.5mm at speeds up to 300m/min or 60,000 labels per hour. The S-Series traction unit frame is constructed entirely from die-cast alloy to give maximum strength yet maintaining light weight. Modular design ensures S-Series labellers can be configured for a wide range of applications.

The Widerange DWR-Round and Collamat CP-21 semi-automatic labellers allow bottles, jars, cans, tubes and other round products to be labelled with the same precision as inline labellers at a fraction of the cost giving a consistent, professional finish for products produced in low to medium volumes.

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