Labelling Accessories

Martek offers a wide range ofd labelling accessories to improve label printing and application efficiency including label rewinders, barcode readers and automatic dispensers for all label types.

GoDEX and Widerange label rewinders are designed to work with 4", 6" and 8" wide label printers including models suitable for use with colour inkjet label printers that allow backfeeding during printer cleaning cycles. For high-volume printing, Widerange high-capacity label unwinders and rewinders can be used with a label printer to print high-capacirty rolls reel-to-reel.

Label dispensers offer a convenient solution to speed up hand-applying labels by presenting labels with the backing paper removed and automatically rewinding the used backing paper. Once a label is taken, the next label is automatically presented allowing quick, single-handed label application. Models are available for all label types including round, irregular-shaped and clear labels.

1D and 2D handheld barcode readers can be used for a variety of barcode reading applications including automatic label selection for printing and scanning in print data such as batch codes. Fixed barcode readers can be used for factory automation and control applications. It is also possible to install a fixed code reader on many label printers to guarantee every barcode label printed is readable.

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Labelling Accessories

Dispensers, rewinders, labels and ribbons

Be more efficient

Get more from your label printer with a high-capacity unwinder to allow larger label rolls to be used and a label rewinder for longer print runs. When hand-applying labels, a small investment in an automatic dispenser will improve efficiency dramatically by presenting labels ready for applying with the backing paper removed.

Labels and ribbons

Labels are produced in-house for Valentin, SwiftColor, GoDEX and all other brands of label printer ensuring quick delivery and consistent high quality. A wide range of label materials is held in stock including matt, semi-gloss and gloss papers and synthetic materials. Thermal transfer ribbons are held in stock to suit all label substrates.

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