NiceLabel Software

The NiceLabel software range includes label design, print management and automation products to cater for all label printing requirements whether simple or complex. NiceLabel allows you to take control of all of your label printers, print-and-apply labellers and thermal coders with support for all makes and models of printer.

For simple label design and printing requirements, NiceLabel Designer Express offers a modern, easy-to-use label designer including support for all common barcodes and 2D codes. Simple database integration with Excel spreadsheets and text files is included enabling label templates to be linked with real time data.

For more advanced label printing, NiceLabel Designer Pro offers additional features including support for all database formats and integration with multiple databases and tables. Complex field handling enables label data to be composed from multiple sources and using mathematical formulae and string handling. Support is included for advanced barcode formats and variable data barcodes including EAN/GS1-128.

PowerForms Desktop and Suite can be used to build automated label printing solutions and forms-based interfaces for advanced label printing applications. Automatic label printing can be triggered from external events including database activity, data received by communications port and email.

Godex label software

PowerForms applications

PowerForms Desktop makes complex label printing applications extremely simple for the operator and eliminates errors by automating complex label printing tasks.

Martek's allergen labelling solution, based on PowerForms Desktop ensures that allergens are automatically highlighted within ingredients lists by linking the ingredients field in a product database to a list database of allergens. Each time a label is printed, words in the ingredients field are compared to the allergen table and automatically highlighted. New allergens can be easily added to the database... once only for all products.

Similarly, Martek's GHS label prinitng solution automatically constructs GHS-compliant labels eliminating operator errors.

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