Smart-Jet® GLIDE

Self-contained thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer for uneven surfaces

300dpi resolution at 76m/min with throw distance up to 6mm

Up to ½-inch (12.7mm) high print

Bluetooth enabled for stand-alone operation with a Bluetooth keyboard or Android app

Spring-damped mounting bracket to follow product contours

Supplied with a range of guide plates to suit different products

Built-in product sensor and AUX I/O port for external sensor, encoder and/or alarm kit

Wide choice of inks for porous and non-porous surfaces

Bulk ink option for high-volume applications


Smart-Jet® GLIDE
Print technology: Thermal inkjet (TIJ)
Print resolution: Up to 600dpi depending on line speed
Print height: Up to ½-inch (12.7mm)
Lines of text: 1 to 6
Variable date: Date, time, expiry date, counters, shift code
Integrated screen: 2.8-inch TFT LCD, auto-rotating
Message storage: 100 messages
Print orientation: Forwards or down
Product sensor: Integrated into printhead or external depending on product
Inks: Water-based black. Solvent-based black, blue, red, white and UV-fluorescing security marking ink.
Throw distance: Up to 6mm
Options: External sensor, shaft encoder, bulk ink system (black inks only)
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Smart-Jet® GLIDE

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