UBS Aplink High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

The United Barcode Systems Aplink high-resolution inkjet printer range includes models to print onto porous and non-porous surfaces. Text, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed up to 140mm high at 180dpi vertical resolution x up to 720dpi horizontal resolution depending on the printer model. For printing onto porous surfaces including cardboard, paper and timber, mineral-free oil-based ink is used and for non-porous surfaces, polymer-based inks are used and immediately cured using the latest UV LED technology.

For applications requiring a single printhead, the Aplink LCX and Aplink LCX UVLED offer a cost-effective solution with a 72mm printhead, ink system and touch screen controller built into one unit. Where more than one printhead is needed, the Aplink MRX and Aplink MRX UVLED systems enable up to four printheads to be driven from a single controller. For all systems, printheads are available to print onto the side or top of products and the MRX models also have the option of umbilical printheads to fit into confined and remote positions.

Whether printing onto porous or non-porous surfaces, using UBS Aplink printers as an alternative to applying labels offers significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Typically a single one-litre bottle of UBS ink replaces 350Kg of labels and costs 6-8 times less than the equivalent labels and printing ribbons. The environmental benefits include significant haulage carbon savings by shipping just 1Kg of ink for each 350Kg of labels and avoiding the need to dispose of 140Kg of backing paper waste for each litre of ink used which cannot be recycled with other paper waste.

UBS Aplink systems come with UBS Designer PC-based software to design and upload virtually unlimited numbers of print images into the printer memory. Printers can then run in stand-alone mode without a PC connected using the touch screen controller to select the required print image and enter variable data such as batch code and expiry date. It is also possible to connect to host systems to automatically select print images and populate variable data fields without operator intervention. Martek offers integration services to connect printers to a wide range of host systems.

UBS Aplink high-resolution inkjet printer samples
EBS-6600 Boltmark 2 series cij printer

Sustainable Coding

A single 1-litre bottle of UBS ink typically replaces 350Kg of labels.

That's 350Kg of label material transported from the paper mill to the label manufacturer then 350Kg of labels transported to the end user... compared to 1Kg of ink.

Of that 350Kg of labels, typically 14oKg is backing paper which cannot be recycled with other paper and card waste. UBS oil-based ink is free from mineral oil and meets the requirements of FEFCO, the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, for the recycling of corrugated board.

In addition, direct product coding typically costs 6 to 8 times less than labelling.

Sustainable case coding

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