Modular high-resolution inkjet printer for printing onto non-porous surfaces including plastics and metals. Up to four 72mm printheads can be driven from one MRX controller. Innovative temperature and drop volume control technology ensures low ink consumption and reliable and consistent printing in harsh environments

Text, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed at 180dpi vertical resolution x up to 720dpi horizontal resolution using polymer-based UV-curing ink that dries instantly using the latest UV LED technology. The high-capacity 1-litre ink bottle can be changed on the fly without interrupting production.

Using the Aplink MRX UV LED as an alternative to applying labels offers significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Typically a single one-litre bottle of UBS ink replaces 350Kg of labels and costs 4-5 times less than the equivalent labels and printing ribbons. The environmental benefits include significant haulage carbon savings by shipping just 1Kg of ink for each 350Kg of labels and avoiding the need to dispose of 145Kg of backing paper waste for each litre of ink used which is virtually impossible to have recycled.

UBS Aplink systems come with UBS Designer PC-based software to design and upload virtually unlimited numbers of print images into the printer memory. Printers can then run in stand-alone mode without a PC connected using the touch screen controller to select the required print image and enter variable data such as batch code and expiry date. It is also possible to connect to host systems to automatically select print images and populate variable data fields without operator intervention. Martek offers integration services to connect printers to a wide range of host systems.


Printheads: Up to four 72mm Seiko 4th generation piezo-electric printheads
Ink curing: UV LED technology 72x30mm or 17x30mm array
UV system durability: At least 20,000 hours
Print direction: Forwards onto product side or down onto top of product. Umbilical option for confined or remote locations
Ink type: Low migration polymer-based UV-curing ink in 1-litre containers
Ink colour: Black - others on request
Print resolution: 180dpi vertical x up to 720dpi horizontal
Text printing: Any font in any point size and rotation including date, time, offset date, counters and external inputs
Graphics printing: Detailed graphics up to 72mm high
Barcode printing: All common barcode formats supported including UCC/EAN-128
2D code printing: QR and Datamatrix codes
Print frequency: Up to 2 prints per second
Print speed: Up to 60m/min
Printhead to product distance: Up to 5mm for optimum print results
Controller: 10.1" colour touch screen
Standard interfaces: USB2.0, Ethernet LAN
Optional interfaces: RS232 serial
Software: UBS Designer included as standard - UBS Designer Pro and Codesoft optional
Options: Shaft encoder, cold environment kit, status beacon, RS232 serial interface, stand, barcode validation, integration services
Power supply: 110-240Vac @ 50-60Hz
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UBS Aplink MRX UV LED high-resolution inkjet printer

UV LED Curing

Low-migration, polymer-based ink is used by the MRX UV LED and cured instantly using the latest UV LED technology.

Text, barcodes and detailed graphics can be printed onto non-porous materials including metals, plastics, glass, poly-woven bags, EPS and synthetic textiles.

For production lines where a combination of porous and non-porous packaging is used, the MRX UV LED makes an ideal soultion.

Direct printing offers considerable cost and environmental bebefits compared to applying labels. Typically, costs are 4 to 5 times lower and there is no backing paper waste to dispose of which is extremely difficult to have recycled.

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