UBS TJX Series Thermal Inkjet Printers

The United Barcode Systems TJX thermal inkjet printer range includes models to print onto porous and non-porous surfaces. Text, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed up to 12.7mm high at up to 600 x 900dpi resolution. The standard TJX uses water-based ink for porous surfaces or solvent-based ink for most non-porous surfaces. For applications where instant ink drying is required on non-porous surfaces, the TJX UV LED system uses the latest UV LED technology to instantly cure ink.

TJX systems use thermal inkjet technology with ink supplied in 40ml cartridges allowing the ink type and colour to be changed by simply replacing the cartridge. Since the entire ink system is contained in the cartridge, a new ink system is fitted each time the cartridge is changed making the TJX series completely maintenance-free.

UBS TJX printers come with UBS Designer PC-based software to design and upload print images into the printer controller. Printers can then run in stand-alone mode without a PC connected or memory stick to upload print images. The controller display is used to select the required print image. It is also possible to connect to host systems to automatically select print images and populate variable data fields without operator intervention. Martek offers integration services to connect printers to a wide range of host systems.

UBS TJX thermal inkjet TIJ printer


The United Barcode Systems TJX and TJX UVLED systems use thermal inkjet technology to reliably print onto porous and non-porous surfaces using quick-change cartridges.

Each cartridge has an integrated print engine so each time the cartridge is changed, a complete new ink system is installed eliminating the need for servicing.

The compact printhead can be easily installed to print forwards of down in confined and remote locations with the controller located in a convenient position to edit print data and monitor printing.

USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces allow connection to external systems and the option to control printing via the TJX AppCode Android app.

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