UBS TJX Thermal Inkjet Printer

Compact thermal inkjet printer range designed to print onto porous and non-porous surfaces with an overall print height up to 12.7mm. The ink type and colour can be changed in seconds simply by swapping the ink cartridge. The entire ink system is replaced each time the cartridge is replaced making the TJX completely maintenance-free.

Text from 1 to 12.7mm high in any font, detailed graphics, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed at up to 600 x 900dpi resolution using water-based or solvent-based inks. Variable data including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be automatically printed. The compact printhead can print forwards onto the side of products, down onto the top of products or forwards onto vertically moving webs such as on a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine.

The shaft encoder option allows TJX printers to be used on variable speed, stop-start and continuous production lines with the encoder ensuring the print speed is matched to the product speed.

UBS TJX printers come with UBS Designer PC-based software to design and upload print images into the controller memory. Printers can then run in stand-alone mode without a PC connected using the controller display to select the required print image. It is also possible to connect to host systems to automatically select print images and populate variable data fields without operator intervention. Martek offers integration services to connect printers to a wide range of host systems.

In addition to UBS Designer software, the TJX AppCode Andriod app can be used to edit print messages from Android devices using Bluetooth connectivity.


Printhead: 12.7mm thermal inkjet
Print direction: Forwards onto product side or down onto top of product
Ink types: Water-based and solvent-based
Ink colours: Black water based. Black, yellow, red and UV-fluorescing solvent-based.
Ink cartridge size: 40ml
Print resolution: 300 to 600dpi vertical x 300 to 900dpi horizontal
Text printing: Any font in any point size and rotation including date, time, offset date, counters and external inputs
Graphics printing: Detailed graphics up to 12.7mm high
Barcode printing: All common barcode formats
2D code printing: QR and Datamatrix codes
Print speed: Up to 120m/min with solvent-based ink, up to 90m/min with water-based ink
Printhead to product distance: Up to 3mm for optimum print results
Controller: 1.7" colour screen with membrane keypad
Interfaces: USB, Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth
Software: UBS Designer and UBS TJX AppCode for Android
Options: Shaft encoder, status beacon, barcode validation, integration services
Power supply: 110-240Vac @ 50-60Hz; 10W
Download UBS TJX BrochureUBS Designer Software Brochure
UBS Aplink MRX UV LED high-resolution inkjet printer

Savema automatic feeders

For high-speed coding of empty bags, folded cartons, sleeves, lids and many other items, the Savema friction and vacuum feeders combined with UBS TJX series printers offer a cost-effective, fast and relaible alternative to hand coding or labelling.

The Savema friction feeder will automatically feed most folded cartons, empty bags, lids and blister cards up to 300mm wide onto the Savema conveyor for coding. For items that are difficult to consistently feed using the friction feeder such as ziplock pouches, thin sheets and large coffee bags, the Savema vacuum feeder uses pick-and-place suction cups to consistently feed products onto the conveyor.

The Savema conveyor includes a product counter to monitor the quantity printed or preset the required quantity with the system automatically stopping when the run is complete.

Download Savema feeder brochure